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CANDID WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY is the best option for cineamtic wedding photography to capture these special moments forever because Indian weddings are all about beautiful moments that last with you for the rest of your life. As the professional wedding photographer in India, we understand the precious moments and never misses to frame the beautiful expressions on the faces of the bride, groom as well as the relatives and guests.

We are the best photographer in india, our clicks are always natural, portraying their natural expressions and feelings on their faces. Our creative presentation of wedding photographs make the moments even livelier. This added feature makes his photographs, more candid and beautiful.


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Missing out any is not an option for making a beautiful album. The flow of story that his clicks exhibit in a wedding album, makes him one of the most skilled photographers in India.

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Hi, We are Pronojit & Puja, candid wedding photographer and cinematographer. We have been into the wedding photography business for quite some time and in doing this; We found our real self in this task. Our passion for photography only grew stronger. Camera, lens and frames always attracted and we found a beautiful angle to click in almost everything that came to our way.

For any passionate photographer, there is nothing better a place to click candid photos and moments than in an Indian wedding. I chose the right path as a professional photographer. Ever since childhood, cameras intrigued me and when I saw others click pictures, I too wanted to capture some beautiful moments myself.

In all these years, not only have I excelled in the skill of making photographs lively, candid and more detailed, but I have also sharpened my talent of making clicks natural. I make sure that all of the images under my Candid Wedding Photography tag are captured naturally, without disturbing the natural flow of the wedding ceremony.

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Why Choose Me?

Experience has taught me how to manage capturing the special moments, when different events area taking place all over the wedding house. I do not miss the special moments and ensure that a tasteful editing makes even the ordinary and simple photographs become special ones. My photographs are not random clicks, rather they tell a story without using words, but with my clicks. Enter the world of energetic, fresh, bold, creative, lively, beautiful and fun images, through my lenses. Make your wedding moments special and preserve them forever.

About Creative Candid Wedding Photographer

While offering professional candid wedding photography, we are one, who will not be technically ‘seen’ to others, but will do our task beautifully to naturally click the moments. Our images are not poses or retakes or artificial. They are all natural and bring out the maximum effect of the click. As we offers the best wedding photography services also in Out station from India, you can be in the peace of your mind that even after years of your wedding day, you will have smile on your lips remembering every moment alive in your mind. We have the skill to see the beauty and natural essence in every image through lens. Even the most ordinary image according to you, will become lively and precious through camera lenses.


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The people who hire me as a wedding photographer hire me not just because of my photographic style, they hire me because of the style of my personality. My style and personality match, so they know they’re getting a genuine style

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Wherever the center of the light source is, you want that to be a little bit above the center of the couple’s eyes – something magical happens when you do this.

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